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  • No students. All choreographers and their dancer artists in the CPP24 must be professional level artists.

  • Contemporary ballet and classical ballet works are not eligible.

  • A minimum of five years professional dance experience as a dancer and/or choreographer, and currently working in the dance field. 

  • Or a minimum of two years choreographing in any form of contemporary dance styles professionally performed in theatre, video, streaming, etc.

  • Or a minimum of two years of recreating archival contemporary dance works (but the piece choreographed for the pilot program must be new and original work.)

  • Applicant must be a current resident in New York City, within the five boroughs, for a minimum of one year prior to applying and while completing the CPP24.

  •  Must have the following documents:

  1. ​​Social Security Number ​​Or Individual Tax ID Number​

  2. Green Card (if applicable)

  • And one of the following for their company:​​​

    1. IRS non-profit 501c3 form​

    2. ​Charity registration form

    3. Umbrella registered sponsor for their company


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