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Welcome to Danse Mirage Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission

Danse Mirage Foundation, Inc. (DMF, Inc.) is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote, support, mentor, enhance and disseminate new contemporary dance works at a professional level.


Choreographers and their dancer artists need support to provide a legacy of contemporary dance genres in theaters and media formats which will make dance accessible to the general public.

DMF, Inc. has a mission to encourage contemporary choreographers and their dancer artists "to keep the foot" in the modern dance field in as well as in the performing arts world. 


DMF, Inc. includes in its mission the need to elevate the role of the dancer artists whose efforts make these new works possible.


Elinor Coleman, President

Upcoming News

At this time DMF, Inc. is currently managing the invitational-only choreography pilot program for the year 2024, the CPP24. The sole purpose of the invitational CPP24 is to generate new dance works in the contemporary genres.


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